To the people of Lethbridge – East.

We are entering an important time in history. The next provincial election is less than one year away. With that in mind, I am seeking the United Conservative Party Nomination for Lethbridge East. It is my goal to be able represent the UCP in this constituency in the 2019 provincial election. I am eager to serve the citizens of Lethbridge – East and would like to share a few thoughts with you.

I believe in a limited, responsible, accountable and effective government. I feel the current government is trying to encourage folks to be more reliant on government programs by telling Albertans what they need rather than listening to the people who are telling the government what their needs really are.

                                        Alberta Legislature Building

                                        Alberta Legislature Building

Balance Alberta

I believe the only way Alberta can be great and will be great again is by balancing concerns and solutions for the environment with the social needs of the people and requirements for a strong Alberta economy. Exclusion is not an option. Let me explain.

If we shut down areas to the energy sector, mining and logging because of environmental concerns that will lead to a major down-turn in the Alberta economy - Albertans lose jobs. With unemployment rising so does the crime rate (as we have seen in the past few years) which, in turn, affects the quality of life for Albertans.
Now let’s turn the table such that we let the energy sector operate with no rules or restrictions – that would destroy the environment and, again, this would have an effect on the quality of life for Albertans but economy would rise.
Now let’s take away the social aspect from Albertans by restricting access to public lands for hunting, camping and fishing and other recreation. Again, this would have a negative effect on the quality of life for Albertans. The economy would take a hit as people won’t buy the recreational equipment they used to because of the limitations and an inability to use it.

carbon tax

I will stand behind the UCP to rescind the Carbon Tax. The average Albertan now pays more for just about everything, including the gas they use to take their kids to see Grandma and Grandpa and to take the kids to play sports. They have to pay more for the sports equipment because the retailer has to pay more for utilities to keep the store open and they pay more in shipping costs because the trucking firm has higher fuel costs to get the products to the retailer. This is the same for food, clothing and even healthcare. In fact, the same can be said for everything we do or buy - the carbon tax affects us all. Yet, we have not seen the expected social license to develop and transport our resources that we were promised.Type your paragraph here.




health care

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is the fourth largest employer in Canada. All most half of Alberta’s operational budget goes to pay for healthcare. This is not because we have a lot of front line workers, it because we have a heavy middle and upper management. When a hospital unit wants to upgrade or buy a piece of equipment that will improve the quality of care and the quality of life for Albertans, the request passes through about 7 people just here in Lethbridge before even going to Edmonton where it passes through several more hands before being approved or denied. There lots of opportunity to improve efficiencies for the front-line worker to be able to provide faster wait times and better quality of care for our loved ones.